I Do

by Daisy Lee Nystul

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Sat Oct 10, 7p

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"I Do" is a one person comedy. Groom is running little late to his wedding. The bride feels bad that the guests have to wait. She employs a few tactics, including story-telling, to keep the guests engaged until the groom's arrival. One should note the stories are true life stories. All but one of the names have been changed for obvious reasons.

Don Bristow, director, is a Professor Emeritus. He taught Theatre at the University of Central Oklahoma for 46 years. Daisy Lee Nystul, actor, co-wrote (with writer Jolene Adams) and performed "I Do" in Beverly Hills, California many years ago. She is delighted to share the work with a new audience.

Daisy Lee Nystul - Actor, Writer

Premiere will be followed by live Q&A with the artist.



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