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A theatre festival tapping the well of artistic creativity in Oklahoma City.

The 2O21 in-person festival is over, but our virtual festival continues until October 31.
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Our 2O21 Lineup

Kick Off Party!

At The Venue at Plenty Mercantile

Learn about all the productions in TCFF 2021 straight from the artists themselves! Join us for an evening of kicking off, leaning back, and gearing up. Dress up, dress down, just be there.

Join us in person at The Venue at Plenty Mercantile

Wednesday, September 29 at 7p - 9p

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Brian Feldman Projects

This crowdsourced, immersive, multiscreen performance features a mysterious character named txt (pronounced “text”) who recites a script written anonymously in real-time by YOU! It’s the best show you’ll write all year.

See it in person at Factory Obscura

Fri   10/1 10:00p   

Sun 10/3   5:30p   

Sat  10/9   8:30p   

Sun 10/10 7:00p


Details and tickets here.

Clownlife Arts

This immersive and audience-driven romp through the existential void will explore everything and nothing, nonsensically. Neither a comedy nor a tragedy, but both, Alone: In a Crowded Room will connect the audience, with an apologetically grumpy clown, and together they explore the importance, and lack thereof, of each moment, and the very nature of reality, or something.

See it in person at a special location

Fri  10/1    7:00p

Details and tickets here.

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Consciousness Production Image.png

Nique Content

What does it mean for art if an artist's consciousness carries on after death? In "The Consciousness," a struggling music composition student tries to extract and then plagiarize a symphony from the digitized consciousness of a dead and (mostly) forgotten composer. But the composer's creative prowess has not thrived in the afterlife, forcing Reece to reconstruct Theo's memories.

Virtual performance at theatrecrude.org followed by Q&A

Mon 10/4  7:00p

Details here.

Intrepid Artists: Sally Vahle and Bob Hess

What if these political rivals had been assigned to be pen pals as second-graders? In their heretofore undiscovered personal letters spanning half a century - right up to November 2020 - we see their awkward friendship wax and wane in letters that borrow liberally (not conservatively) from Trump and Clinton’s actual public dialogue. You might be surprised who gets the last word!

Virtual performance on theatrecrude.org

Mon 10/4  10:00p

Details here.

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Steven Nicholas

Steven Nicholas promises to get inside your head, find out what you’re thinking, and leave you questioning your reality. ExperiMENTAL features engaging autobiographical moments, incredible feats of memory, a hallucination, and mind reading under the strictest of test conditions. Differing choices made by every audience lead the show down a new path every night, making each performance a unique event.

See it in person at Factory Obscura

Sat    10/2   4:00p   

Sun   10/3   8:30p   

Wed 10/6  10:00p   

Fri     10/8   8:30p

Details and tickets here.

Emily Bollman

Emily doesn't know who she is anymore, so she recreates a day in her life when she did: An old summer job working at the Hat Cart. As she encounters past customers and relives the events that shaped her, she is forced to confront why not having an identity can be dangerous, and why having one may be even more. At the drop of a hat... anything can change.

Virtual performance at theatrecrude.org followed by Q&A

Tue  10/5   5:30p

Details here.

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In Due Production Image.png

Poetic Thespian Productions

A grief-stricken man in the guise of mime explores the inner workings of his mind as he tries to accept his sister's death. In this audience-interactive dark comedy, In Due Time, PANTOMIME navigates the nuances of trauma while juggling his reality.

See it in person at Factory Obscura

Fri   10/1   8:30p   

Sat  10/2   5:30p   

Sun 10/3   1:00p

Details and tickets here.

Holly McNatt

Need someone to talk to? A cuddle? How about a kiss? Anything else? Welcome to the Kissing Booth, a government-operated rehabilitation effort where all your needs get met -- for a price. In this dystopian fantasy, you'll meet Frankie Willard, just a regular guy looking for cigarettes who's maybe just a *little* lonely. Think Handmaid's Tale meets The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

See it in person at Factory Obscura

Sun  10/3  2:30p

Thu  10/7  7:00p

Sat  10/9  5:30p

Sun 10/10  1:00p

Details and tickets here.

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LRB Production Image.jpg

Namron Players Theatre / Sarah Fenner King

Vera recorded her sister's accidental death, and submits the footage to the local film festival. Small-town political diva and host of the festival Darcy Langford tries to contain the scandal, but her assistant Janelle has her own secret agenda and played the video on purpose. These 3 women collide in a mess of grief and damaged mental health, in a dark comedy about death and suicide.

See it in person at Factory Obscura  

Sat    10/2  2:30p   

Sun   10/3  7:00p

Wed 10/6   8:30p

Sat    10/9  4:00p

Details and tickets here.

The Martin Duprass

We’re a married couple, not brother and sister. Also, we tore a hole in the space-time continuum and opened a portal into the future. And, let’s not make this awkward, but in the future we will have been briefly famous — for one legendary joke. We’ve borrowed that joke from our future selves, and we’re going to tell it to you, live onstage.

See it in person at Factory Obscura

Sat  10/2 10:00p

Thu  10/7   8:30p

Details and tickets here.

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Phrack Production Image.jpg

Roadkill Theatre

In Roadkill Theatre’s first production, K8 Lacy plays Ray, an e-girl who lives with their Meemaw on a farm in the middle of nowhere. One day, Ray the e-girl falls asleep while talking to an Artificial Intelligence online and leaves the computer open during a lightning storm, causing the AI to be downloaded into Ray’s old RC monster truck. What will Ray do with this newly sentient being they accidentally created? A cyberpunk, neo-southern gothic LIVE digital production for the 21st century.

Virtual performance at theatrecrude.org followed by Q&A

Tue  10/5  7:00p

Details here.

Play writing can be a lonely process sometimes. This workshop will get "fresh eyes" on your play script that can help you reach your goals.

Participate in person at Factory Obscura

Wed   10/6  12:00p ​

Details and reserve your spot here.

Play In Progress Workshop Image.png
Princess Production Image.jpg

Victoria Montalbano

In 1997, 13-year-old Victoria Montalbano was introduced to her perfect man, Han Solo, and she’s been looking for him ever since. In this piece, called "delightful" and "highly energetic" by Around the Town Chicago, watch her grow from awkward theatre kid to professional out of work actress while swiping her way through a galaxy far, far away.

Virtual performance at theatrecrude.org followed by Q&A

Mon  10/4  8:30p

Details here.

Co.llective Arts Productions

This documentary piece reports on Norman, Oklahoma over the last 12 months. The community fights through suburban political squabbles and moral dilemmas to try to uncover a collective identity that reflects the values of its residents now and in the future. PUBLIC COMMENT uses verbatim excerpts from interviews with local Normanites, along with selections from the public comment section of Norman City Council meetings.

See it in person at Factory Obscura

Wed   10/6     7:00p

Thu   10/7     5:30p

Fri   10/8     5:30p

Sun  10/10  8:30p

Details and tickets here.

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Role Production Image.png

Tyler Dobies

“Hi, my name is Tyler, and I will be playing the role of other.” Follow a QBIPOC individual’s journey through the multitudes of what ‘self’ and ‘other’ can be. His skin is too dark. His hair is too long. He wanted to be a magician when he grew up? How do you find a love for yourself when the world casts you in the role of other? Can you forgive yourself for not being what the world wants you to be? Tyler’ has some thoughts…

See it in person at Factory Obscura  

Sat    10/2  7:00p   

Sun   10/3  4:00p

Wed 10/6   5:30p

Sat    10/9  2:30p


Details and tickets here.

Xpanding Reality Studios / Oklahoma City University / University of Central Oklahoma

In this immersive virtual reality theatrical experience, audience members join six strangers taking part in a silent meditation retreat in the woods. Experiencing this beautiful play in 360 degree virtual reality allows the audience to have an intimate, personal experience during a time of intense loneliness, uncertainty, and grief.

Experience it in person at Factory Obscura

Mon   10/4     5:00p

Mon   10/4     8:30p

Tue   10/5     5:00p

Tue   10/5     8:30p

Details and tickets here.

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Something Production Image.jpg

Don Russell

Something in the Loss of Leaves is a solo performance which combines various performance elements (storytelling, poetry, movement, and visual art) to create a contemplative exploration of how the various relationships throughout our lives, from the random anonymous barista to the closest of life partners, guide us toward the people who we become.

See it in person at Factory Obscura  

Fri     10/1     5:30p   

Sat    10/2     8:30p

Sat    10/9     1:00p

Sun   10/10   4:00p

Details and tickets here.

Derek Kenney

Follow Politican Donovan's campaign in reverse-chronological order as he attempts to hurdle over scandals, advocate his bizarre platform, and interact with the various women in his life. As his political journey reaches its genesis, one last secret may explain his most unorthodox characteristic.

See it in person at Factory Obscura

Fri   10/8   10:00p

Sat   10/9     7:00p

Sun   10/10   2:30p

Details and tickets here.

Stamps Production Image.png
Trainwreck Production Image.jpeg

Chick Lit

Trainwreck is a devised puppet theatre piece that upends the traditional literary canon using playfully violent tactics, in order to show that we need to actively make more room for women's literary voices.

Virtual performance at theatrecrude.org

Mon  10/4  5:30p

Details here.

Juliana Heng

“Walking On Spectrum” is a 1-hour medley show exploring different ways to tell one’s life story through comedy, storytelling, and spoken word poetry. Juliana Heng is a stand-up comedian, storyteller, and spoken word poet based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Having ASD does not make one immune to life challenges; why not live life with spunk? Be prepared to be moved, laugh, and celebrate life with Juliana!

Virtual performance at theatrecrude.org followed by Q&A

Tue  10/5   8:30p

Details here.

Walking Production Image.png
Zona Production Image.jpg

Saige Cross

ZONA, one of the largest and most prolific companies on the planet, holds an international contest granting three winners the deepest desire of their hearts - no strings attached, no questions asked. As the winners meet to claim their winnings, they learn that the prize is not so easily attained.

See it in person at Factory Obscura  

Thu   10/7    10:00p   

Fri     10/8      7:00p

Sat    10/9    10:00p

Sun   10/10    5:30p

Details and tickets here.

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About the Festival

What is Theatre Crude Fringe Festival?

Theatre Crude Fringe Festival is an event in Oklahoma City every fall, showcasing creative and adventurous local theatre companies, as well as fantastic companies from across the country (and potentially, the globe). In 2O21, we plan to host a hybrid festival featuring both in-person and virtual performances, with support from our friends at Factory Obscura, an art collective based in Oklahoma City.

What is fringe?

Fringe is a national and international phenomenon, with festivals happening in every major city across the globe. And what is Fringe? Fringe performances are one hour or less, low tech, and high on ingenuity. No restrictions are made as to the nature, style, theme or content. All performers are welcome, regardless of professional or amateur status. The result is a festival full of the unexpected.

What's the festival like?

Each day of the festival is its own adventure. Explore as many different genres and styles of performance as possible! Experience unique perspectives into everything that theatrical performance has to offer.

Who is it for?

We believe theatre is for everyone. The aim of Theatre Crude has always been to create a festive space for artists to push boundaries and audiences to experience live theatre in a new way. In making our vision a reality, we work to create a safe, equitable space where humans of all types are included, welcomed and heard. Join us!

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What is Factory Obscura?

Factory Obscura is an Oklahoma City-based art collective creating immersive experiences that awaken wonder, build community, and make the world better.

This fall, Theatre Crude Fringe Festival is thrilled be hosted at Factory Obscura's imaginative venue in Oklahoma City, and online. 


About Us

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 23.46.31.png

Adam Brand

Co-founder, Co-producer, Board Member - President


Adam Brand began his career in theatre at Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN in 2006 where he continued his employment for 10 years. Over that period he took advantage of opportunities to work and apprentice as carpenter, props artisan, follow spot operator, flyman, and deck crew chief.


Adam also made time to work with other theatre companies around Minnesota including Mu Performing Arts, The History Theatre, Interact Center and Walking Shadow Theatre Company. In 2014 Adam wrote and produced his first show for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, adapting the work of Irvin S. Cobb to the stage. Adam moved to Oklahoma City in 2016 and is grateful for the opportunities that the community has provided for him. He is excited to bring Theatre Crude Fringe Festival to this vibrant community.

Jenny Brand

Co-founder, Co-producer


Jenny Brand has been organizing theater since the age of 16 when she lived in the Netherlands. Since graduating from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Jenny has worked extensively in both the UK and US, including the National Youth Music Theatre (UK), European Union Youth Orchestra (UK), Children’s Theatre Company (MN), Twin Cities Horror Festival (MN), Revolutions International Theatre Festival (NM), and the California International Theatre Festival as their executive producer.


In 2014 Jenny successfully produced a multi-state tour of French theater company Cie Macadâmes to rave reviews and sold-out audiences. Jenny moved to Oklahoma City in 2016 and Theatre Crude Fringe Festival is her way of giving something back to the people of Oklahoma that have been so generous and welcoming.

jenny brand.png
Headshot Maureen Cullum_black and white.

Maureen Cullum
Board Member - Treasurer


Maureen Cullum has held various senior level finance and accounting positions with corporations and start-up ventures in both the US and Europe, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for non-profit arts organizations in the Los Angeles area.  Originally from the East Coast, Maureen received her B.S. in Accounting from the Boston College School of Management and her MBA from Bentley College. Maureen served as Treasurer and Member of the Board of Directors for both the California International Theatre Festival and Inland Opera Company and currently serves on the Board of the Roger Wagner Choral Institute and is Steering Committee Chair of the St Francis de Sales Choir (all in CA). In addition to her business and arts management background, Maureen also brings her passion for music to Theatre Crude, currently singing in both choral and contemporary groups in the Los Angeles area.  While working and living in The Netherlands, Maureen led one of the church choirs and enjoyed producing musical events and recordings in support of fundraising initiatives.

Caitlin Dennis

Board Member - Secretary


Caitlin Dennis is an arts lover originally from Norman, Oklahoma. Since 2018 she has worked in digital marketing and strategy at Anglin PR in Oklahoma City where she helps clients tell their stories in front of the right audiences. She previously directed and produced a world premiere for the Capital Fringe Festival (DC) and performed with PTP/NYC at Atlantic Stage 2 (NY).


In Oklahoma she has collaborated with Namron Players, Oklahoma Shakespeare and OKC Theatre Company. Caitlin received a B.A. in Theatre and English from Middlebury College in Vermont where she was the first person from Oklahoma most people had ever met.


Matthew Caron

Board Member


A native of the vast farmland of southern Minnesota, Matthew Caron holds a master’s degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Superior, and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from Minnesota State University, Mankato.


He currently serves as Managing Director for the Department of Theatre and Dance at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he also teaches and directs.  Before moving back to Minnesota, Caron was the Director of Theatre at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK.  He is an active member of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, having served as a responder in Regions V and VI, and as Vice Chair for the state of Oklahoma.

Kitty Devany Vitale

Board Member


Kitty Devany Vitale has been working backstage for over 20 years and has always had a penchant for grassroots theatre for a cause. She has worked on productions ranging from The Vagina Monologues to works like Condomonium: an exhibit supporting CHOICES, Memphis Center for Reproductive Health. She received her MFA in Theatre from the University of Memphis and worked for several seasons at Ash Lawn Opera working her way from Master Electrician to Company Manager. Since then, Kitty has traveled the world working for Norwegian Cruise Line and Project Managed for Broadway builds at Cigar Box Studios, Inc., in New York. Kitty moved to Oklahoma City in 2016 and has worked alongside OKC institutions including the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City University. She currently serves as Technical Director for the Civic Center Foundation, an organization that manages Civic Center Music Hall and the Hudiburg Chevrolet Center. 


Unconventional. Underground. Unrefined.