A theatre festival tapping the well of artistic creativity in Oklahoma City.

October 1-31, 2O2O
In partnership with Factory Obscura


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Basket Case Production Image Main.png

Basket Case

by Aversion Productions

Duane Bradley arrives in New York possessing only a mysterious past & basket. In a sequence of twisted events, our story unfolds when the truth is revealed: "What's in the basket?" A campy, dark, musical based on Frank Henenlotter's 1980's cult classic Basket Case.

Premiered Friday, Oct 2 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Birthday Boys

by Saige Cross

On their shared birthday, two old men discuss life and change while observing nature - and human nature - from a park bench.

Premiered Friday, Oct 9 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Birthday Boys Production Image.jpg
Count Time Production Image.png

COUNT TIME! The Life and Times of Patricia Prewitt

by Elizabeth Ann Townsend

This one-woman play tells the true story of Patty Prewitt, whose life was stripped away when she was wrongfully convicted for her husband's murder. Imprisoned for 34 years, without hope for parole for 50, she continues to create a life of meaning and generosity to others in prison and beyond.

Premiered Tuesday, Oct 6 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Feast of the Ass: An Excerpt

by Floor Banana

A traveling theatrical company offers an evening of medievally modern entertainment, encouragement and all-important distraction to an audience of uncertain, weary and, honestly more-than-a-little-bit confused townsfolk in this musical sci-fi comedy with puppets.


Premiered Friday, Oct 2 at 8:30p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Feast of the Ass Production Image Main.j
I Do Production Image Main.png

I Do

by Daisy Lee Nystul

When the groom is late, the bride entertains her wedding guests with zany-yet-true stories of her own romantic misadventures in this dark comedy.

Premiered Saturday, Oct 10 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Jameson & Juice

by Keegan & Kenney

The day-to-day business of Florida lawyer Stacy D. Jameson is interrupted when a recently-deceased O.J. Simpson arrives and asks for legal advice.

Premiered Wed, Oct 7 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Jameson & Juice Production Image.png
Love at Foresight Production Image.png

Love at Foresight

by Poetic Thespian Productions

Would you still be in love if you knew your relationship's fate? Mixing romance, sci-fi, drama, and comedy, this show probes a couple's experience in a unique therapy session.

Premiered Thursday, Oct 1 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Naked Brunch

by Next Stage

After struggling to write a dark comedy about a drug-fueled hallucinatory brunch, a playwright decides to truth may be easier to deliver than fiction.

Premiered Sunday, Oct 4 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Naked Brunch Production Image Main.png
2nd corrected one star poster.jpg

One Star

by Namron Players Theatre / Sarah Fenner King

Taking inspiration from real online reviews, One Star is a comedy about an employee of the National Parks who has the unenviable job of replying to willfully negative online reviews finding fault with awesome historical landmarks.

Premiered Saturday, Oct 3 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.


by Perpetual Motion Dance

REWIND presents movement based on the emotional responses to music of our past. 

Premiered Thursday, Oct 8 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Best of PMD Production Image Main Dark.p
Seasons Production Image.jpeg

The Seasons Keep Changing

by Emma Brown

Four friends, with personality traits based on the four seasons, face their high school reunion. They must
confront the loss they shared and learn the secrets that they have kept from each other.
Will their shared grief bring them together, or pull them apart?

Premiered Monday, Oct 5 at 7p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Sis. Amiss

by Brianna Gagné

When God calls you on a mission will you pick up? Or will you simply be amiss? A missionary's faith is tested in this irreverent comedy.

Premiered Friday, Oct 9 at 8:30p Central.

Available through Oct 31 with the All-Access Pass.

Sis Amiss Production Image with Title.pn

Our 2O2O Lineup


About the Festival

What is Theatre Crude Fringe Festival?

Theatre Crude Fringe Festival is an event in Oklahoma City every fall, showcasing creative and adventurous local theatre companies, as well as fantastic companies from across the country (and potentially, the globe). Our 2O2O festival, presented online through October 31, was made possible with support of our friends at Factory Obscura, an art collective based in Oklahoma City. 

What is fringe?

Fringe is a national and international phenomenon, with festivals happening in every major city across the globe. And what is Fringe? Fringe performances are one hour or less, low tech, and high on ingenuity. No restrictions are made as to the nature, style, theme or content. All performers are welcome, regardless of professional or amateur status. The result is a festival full of the unexpected.

What's the festival like?

Each day of the festival is its own adventure. Explore as many different genres and styles of performance as possible! Experience unique perspectives into everything that theatrical performance has to offer.

Who is it for?

We believe theatre is for everyone. The aim of Theatre Crude has always been to create a festive space for artists to push boundaries and audiences to experience live theatre in a new way. In making our vision a reality, we work to create a safe, equitable space where humans of all types are included, welcomed and heard. Join us!

Want to dig deeper?

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What is Factory Obscura?

Factory Obscura is an Oklahoma City-based art collective creating immersive experiences that awaken wonder, build community, and make the world better.

This fall, the Theatre Crude Fringe Festival is thrilled to be hosted by Factory Obscura online.


Jenny Brand

Co-founder, Co-producer, Board Member


Jenny Brand has been organizing theater since the age of 16 when she lived in the Netherlands. Since graduating from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Jenny has worked extensively in both the UK and US, including the National Youth Music Theatre (UK), European Union Youth Orchestra (UK), Children’s Theatre Company (MN), Twin Cities Horror Festival (MN), Revolutions International Theatre Festival (NM), and the California International Theatre Festival as their executive producer.


In 2014 Jenny successfully produced a multi-state tour of French theater company Cie Macadâmes to rave reviews and sold-out audiences. Jenny moved to Oklahoma City in 2016 and the Theatre Crude Fringe Festival is her way of giving something back to the people of Oklahoma that have been so generous and welcoming.

Adam Brand

Co-founder, Co-producer, Board Member


Adam Brand began his career in theatre at Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN in 2006 where he continued his employment for 10 years. Over that period he took advantage of opportunities to work and apprentice as carpenter, props artisan, follow spot operator, flyman, and deck crew chief.


Adam also made time to work with other theatre companies around Minnesota including Mu Performing Arts, The History Theatre, Interact Center and Walking Shadow Theatre Company. In 2014 Adam wrote and produced his first show for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, adapting the work of Irvin S. Cobb to the stage. Adam moved to Oklahoma City in 2016 and is grateful for the opportunities that the community has provided for him. He is looking forward to bringing Theatre Crude Fringe back for a second year.

Matthew Caron

Board Member


A native of the vast farmland of southern Minnesota, Matthew Caron holds a master’s degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Superior, and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from Minnesota State University, Mankato.


He currently serves as Managing Director for the Department of Theatre and Dance at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he also teaches and directs.  Before moving back to Minnesota, Caron was the Director of Theatre at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK.  He is an active member of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, having served as a responder in Regions V and VI, and as Vice Chair for the state of Oklahoma.

Caitlin Dennis

Board Member


Caitlin Dennis is an arts lover originally from Norman, Oklahoma. Since 2018 she has worked in digital marketing and strategy at Anglin PR in Oklahoma City where she helps clients tell their stories in front of the right audiences. She previously directed and produced a world premiere for the Capital Fringe Festival (DC) and performed with PTP/NYC at Atlantic Stage 2 (NY).


In Oklahoma she has collaborated with Namron Players, Oklahoma Shakespeare and OKC Theatre Company. Caitlin received a B.A. in Theatre and English from Middlebury College in Vermont where she was the first person from Oklahoma most people had ever met.


Rachel KretchmarBoard Member

About Us

Unconventional. Underground. Unrefined.

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