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The Alex Sanchez and Cat Pitt Comedy Experience

by Catherine Pitt and Alex Sanchez

Welcome, willkommen, to the Alex Sanchez and Cat Pitt Comedy Experience. Alex Sanchez and Cat Pitt have been friends for nearly a decade. During that time they have explored the deepest depths of the human experience (either intentionally or unintentionally) and have arrived safely on the other side as two very silly people. They will be putting on a Comedy Show, of sorts, surrounding the concept of, "Uncertainty." Won't you join them? They promise you'll laugh, at least a little bit.

Alex Sanchez and Cat Pitt have previously appeared on the Theatre Crude stage in The CatMaster Cycle in 2022. They are very grateful to be given another opportunity to create some space for absurdist theatre in Oklahoma City. Alex can be heard in the podcast "The Praisedown" with Heath Huffman, and has most recently appeared in the film, Bug Man. Cat is currently producing the live show A Very Mid Journey in the Los Angeles area, and is in pre-production of a new podcast with Artemis Oliver.

Alex Production Image.png

10/6/23 at 7:00p

10/7/23 at 10:00p

10/8/23 at 5:30p

10/10/23 at 7:00p

WORKSHOP: Anyone Can Write A Play, Even a Cat!

10/8/23 at 2:30p

60 mins

Catherine Pitt (she/her/they/them) - Writer, Producer, Actor

Alex Sanchez (he/him) - Writer, Producer, Actor

Jill Falter (she/her) - Production Assistant

WORKSHOP: Going Silly Mode with Alex Sanchez

10/9/23 at 9:00p

30 mins



Comedy Absurdist Improvisation




Adult Language

Note: Due to the spontaneous nature of this performance, we cannot guarantee that everything said will be 100% friendly for young people. We will be exploring some very difficult topics in a gentle and respectful way that not everyone may be emotionally prepared for.

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