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Alone: In a Crowded Room

by Clownlife Arts

Part of the 2021 Festival at a special location
Fri   10/1   7:00p      

This production was held in a venue across the block from Factory Obscura. Patrons met at Factory Obscura and were then led to the performance location. 

Everything is connected, but nothing matters. Until we decide something matters, then it does, until we decide it doesn’t anymore. Follow? Me neither. Welcome to the Absurd, as inspired by existential philosophy. This immersive and audience-driven romp through the existential void will explore everything and nothing, nonsensically. Neither a comedy nor a tragedy, but both, Alone in a Crowded Room will connect the audience, with an apologetically grumpy clown, and together they explore the importance, and lack thereof, of each moment, and the very nature of reality, or something. Either way, it’s a CLOWN SHOW. There will be balloons. Hazaa!

Ben Doray is the imagination behind ClownLife Arts. Formerly an artist in residence at Coney Island U.S.A & underground cabaret producer in Brooklyn, NY. Enamoured by traditional clown theatre, he shifted gears from Beautiful Vulgarity to Sincere Silliness, left NYC to resettle in OKC, seeking new inspiration and to create new works.

Laura Pool is a children's librarian, master crafter, and whimsical wondermaker. She has dedicated years to crafting extraordinary things and the study of circus.


Ben Doray - Head Clown, Writer, Director

Laura Pool - 2nd Clown, Prop Master

Kelly ThunderClaw McKinnon - Stage Manager

​​Marcus Hampton - Stage Hand

Bob Mansfield - Musician, Accordionist

Alone Production Image.png








This is a clown show, but not for children. Philosophy.

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