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Who should you follow? Become an influencer: use your smartphone to influence the story in this interactive dark comedy. PRESENCE examines our relationship with technology through the lens of your phone. Like a live, interactive episode of Black Mirror, push these characters’ limits… and maybe you’ll connect to your own profile along the way.


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19th Century Hound …though our name may be old-school, our ambitions are cutting-edge. We are a company for the digital age: devising theatre, film, and performance art by hybridizing technology and media. We ponder and probe the world around us, exploring empathy through disappointments, dangers, delicacies, and delights. We seize the accustomed and expected models of presentation and flip them on their heads — utilizing non-theatrical spaces in a theatrical way, we offer our community nuanced, immersive, artistic experiences.

Ronn Burton

Alex Prather

Mary Buss

Ashley J. Mandanas

Korri Werner

Zaneen Hotchkiss

CATEGORY:  Drama, Dark Comedy


CONTENT ADVISORIES:  Violence, Adult Language    

SOCIAL MEDIA: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter

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