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Public Comment

by Co.llective Arts Productions

Part of 2021 Festival at Factory Obscura
Wed  10/6  7:00p     Fri   10/8     5:30p
Thu   10/7   5:30p     Sun 10/10  8:30p

An ode to a college town in a philosophical crisis. This documentary piece reports on Norman, Oklahoma over the last 12 months. The community fights through suburban political squabbles and moral dilemmas to try to uncover a collective identity that reflects the values of its residents now and in the future.


Originally developed in the classrooms of the OU Helmerich School of Drama PUBLIC COMMENT is a 45-minute theatrical crash course which uses verbatim excerpts from interviews with local Normanites, along with selections from the public comment section of Norman City Council meetings.

We are a multimedia arts collective that serves as an incubation space for artists to produce original, story-driven work on stage and online. Co.Arts produces live performances in the Norman, OK community, original podcasts through Co.Cast Network, audio plays, written content, and more. We provide new and emerging professional artists with the resources to produce their work and collaborate with people all over the country. Join the Collective today!

Alleese Eldridge - Writer, Producer

Morgan Simon - Writer, Producer, Actor

Elyssa Armenta - Writer, Actor

Beasley - Writer, Marketing

Anna Mcguire - Writer

Lauren Linsey - Writer, Actor

Anthony Wilkinson - Technical Director

Jackie Simmons - Actor

Ore Oseni - Actor

Ezra Landsgaard - Scenic Designer

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Adult Language

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