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Something in the Loss of Leaves

by Don Russell

Part of 2021 Festival at Factory Obscura
Fri   10/1   5:30p      Sat  10/9   1:00p  
Sat  10/2   8:30p      Sun 10/10 4:00p

Something in the Loss of Leaves is a solo performance which combines various performance elements (storytelling, poetry, movement, and visual art) to create a contemplative exploration of how the various relationships throughout our lives, from the random anonymous barista to the closest of life partners, guide us toward the people who we become.

Don Russell has been working in theatre in various capacities for over two decades. For the past ten years he has primarily focused on creating interdisciplinary work with an emphasis on deconstructing traditional theatrical forms through the use of elements such as; movement work, poetry, shadow puppetry, and non-linear storytelling. In addition, Don currently teaches Theatre Arts at Oklahoma City Community College and serves as the Theatre Program Coordinator.


Don Russell - Writer, Performer, Producer

Kelly Coffey - Contributing Writer

Jeremy Fineman - Visual Art Designer

Laurie Roberts - Choreographer

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All Ages



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