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The Martin Duprass Tells the Joke From the Future

by The Martin Duprass

Part of 2021 Festival at Factory Obscura
Sat  10/2 10:00p
Thu 10/7   8:30p

Hey. We’re The Martin Duprass, aka Lauren Thomas-Martin and Jeremy Martin. We’re a married couple, not brother and sister. Also, we tore a hole in the space-time continuum and opened a portal into the future. And, let’s not make this awkward, but in the future we will have been briefly famous — for one legendary joke. We’ve borrowed that joke from our future selves, and we’re going to tell it to you, live onstage. You’ll also be treated to an assortment of other DIY diversions sure to leave you feeling uplifted ... and horny. No cops.

The Martin Duprass is a married couple creative team specializing in standup comedy filmmaking, fiction writing and podcasting. They moved from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City to make it in show business.


Lauren Thomas-Martin - Co-Creator

Jeremy Martin - Co-Creator

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Adult Language

Simulated Sex Acts

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