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The Role of Other

by Tyler Dobies

Part of 2021 Festival at Factory Obscura
Sat  10/2   7:00p      Wed  10/6   5:30p
Sun 10/3   4:00p      Sat     10/9   2:30p

“Hi, my name is Tyler, and I will be playing the role of other.” Follow a QBIPOC individual’s journey through the multitudes of what ‘self’ and ‘other’ can be. His skin is too dark. His hair is too long. He wanted to be a magician when he grew up? How do you find a love for yourself when the world casts you in the role of other? Can you forgive yourself for not being what the world wants you to be? Tyler’ has some thoughts…

Tyler Dobies (he/him) is a theatre maker currently occupying the lands of the Lenape people (renamed NYC). He is the product of aspen trees, dirt roads, liberal arts, homeschooling, and the feeling of not being good enough. BFA in Acting/Directing from Pacific Lutheran University. MM in Vocal Performance from NYU. His show We Must See These Things was a part of Pan Asian Repertory Theatre’s NUWORKS 2021. 


Tyler Dobies - Writer, Performer

Sarah Olive-McStay - Director

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Spoken Word




Adult Language

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