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The Seasons Keep Changing

by Emma Brown

Premiered Monday, Oct 5, 2020 at 7p Central

Four friends, with personality traits based on the four seasons, face their high school reunion. They must confront the loss they shared and learn the secrets that they have kept from each other. Will their shared grief bring them together, or pull them apart?

My name is Emma Brown. I'm from Clinton, Oklahoma. I have a BA in communication art emphasis theater. I have been part of my community theatre since 2012. I have directed a few shows and have stage managed many shows. But normally I'm behind the scenes and up in a small box called the Booth where I either run the sound or lights for shows. This is my first show I've written so I hope you enjoy!

Madison Gilbert - Actor (Misty Slater)
Samantha Rother - Actor (Young Misty)
Emma Brown - Actor (Laverna Primrose), Writer
Brylie Driskill - Actor (Young/Teen Laverna)
Blair Barnett Foley - Actor (Ember Winters)
Jovi Petzold - Actor (Young Ember)
Lydia King - Actor (Teen Ember)
Ashley Underwood Arganbright - Actor (Alexandria Beckett)
Olivia Campbell - Actor (Young Alexandria)
Rebekah Campbell - Actor (Teen Alexandria)
Malynda Blevins - Actor (Hazel Bruna)
Madi Davidson - Actor (Young Hazel)
Megan Gilbert - Actor (Teen Hazel)
Brandt Arganbright - Actor (Morgan Slater)
Braxton Driskill - Actor (Young Morgan)
Reece McAbee - Actor (Teen Morgan)
Casey Merryman - Actor (Margie Turner)
Julie Barnett - Costume Design
Cassi Selby - Props Design

Premiere included a Q&A with the artists.

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All ages




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