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Water Won't Wait

Perpetual Motion Dance presents “Water Won’t Wait” [2013], an original production featuring signature blend of stunning visuals and technical ingenuity delving into the fear, despair, and courage inspired by the unalterable current of time. Derived from major life changes affecting Artistic Director, Michelle Moeller and former Aerial Arts Director, Kimberly Kieffer. Choreographers [Kieffer, Moeller, and Amy Nevius] used classical elements; water, earth, wind [air] to expand and explore the theme of change; with the final element [fire] added this year by Kayla Jenkins. Additionally, PMD previously collaborated with filmmaker K Edward Van Osdol creating a series of dance films interwoven throughout the concert. A new collaboration includes; hair and makeup design by Shear Balance Salon.


Perpetual Motion Dance is a modern and aerial dance company based in Oklahoma City with a mission to “create, develop and inspire innovative dance.” Blending post modern and aerial dance techniques with signature grace and technical ingenuity to create dance on all planes. PMD is in their 17th season of creating annual original concerts in addition to regional and national touring and committed to educating both adults and youth through classes, workshops, and residencies.

Michelle Moeller - Artistic Director

Kayla Jenkins - Performer, Company Manager & Business Director

Amy Nevius - Performer, Rehearsal Director

Emily Dawson - Performer, Marketing & PR

Alana Murray - Performer, Qualified Rigger

Caitlin Robinson - Performer

Maria Krey Gibson - Performer

Riley Daniel - Company Member

Emma Prilaman - Company Member

Mari Rada - Company Member

Melanie Lambert - Company Member



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