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Our 2O21 Lineup

#txtshow (irl) Production Image Photo by Samantha Tadelman.jpg
Alone Production Image.png
Consciousness Production Image.png
DDDH Production Image.png
ExperiMENTAL Production Image.jpg
Hat Cart Production Image.jpeg
In Due Production Image.png
Kissing Production Image.jpg
LRB Production Image.jpg
Martin Production Image.jpg
Phrack Production Image.jpg
Princess Production Image.jpg
Public Production Image.jpg
Role Production Image.png
SMS Production Image.jpg
Something Production Image.jpg
Stamps Production Image.png
Trainwreck Production Image.jpeg
Walking Production Image.png
Zona Production Image.jpg
Play In Progress Workshop Image.png

Our 2O21 Schedule

By show:

#txtshow (irl)

by Brian Feldman Projects

Fri   10/1 10:00p

Sun 10/3   5:30p

Sat  10/9   8:30p   

Sun 10/10 7:00p (cancelled due to weather)

Alone: In a Crowded Room

by Clownlife Arts

Fri   10/1 7:00p

The Consciousness

by Nique Content

Mon 10/4  7:00p (v)

Dear Donald / Dear Hillary

by Intrepid Artists: Sally Vahle and Bob Hess

Written by Elaine Liner

Mon 10/4  10:00p (v)


by Steven Nicholas

Sat    10/2   4:00p   

Sun   10/3   8:30p   

Wed 10/6  10:00p   

Fri     10/8   8:30p

Hat Cart

by Emily Bollman

Tue 10/5  5:30p (v)


by Poetic Thespian Productions

Fri   10/1   8:30p   

Sat  10/2   5:30p   

Sun 10/3   1:00p

Kissing Booth

by Holly McNatt

Sun  10/3  2:30p

Thu  10/7  7:00p

Sat   10/9  5:30p

Sun  10/10  1:00p

Little Red Button

by Namron Players Theatre / Sarah Fenner King

Sat    10/2  2:30p   

Sun   10/3  7:00p

Wed 10/6   8:30p

Sat    10/9  4:00p

The Martin Duprass Tells the Joke From the Future

by The Martin Duprass

Sat   10/2 10:00p

Thu  10/7   8:30p


by Roadkill Theatre

Tue  10/5  7:00p (v)

The Princess Strikes Back: One Woman's Search for the Space Cowboy of her Dreams

by Victoria Montalbano

Mon 10/4  8:30p (v)

Public Comment

by Co.llective Arts Productions

Wed 10/6     7:00p

Thu   10/7     5:30p

Fri     10/8     5:30p

Sun   10/10   8:30p (cancelled due to weather)

The Role of Other

by Tyler Dobies

Sat    10/2  7:00p   

Sun   10/3  4:00p

Wed 10/6   5:30p

Sat    10/9  2:30p

Small Mouth Sounds

by Expanding Reality Studios / Oklahoma City University / University of Central Oklahoma

Written by Bess Wohl

Mon  10/4     5:00p

Mon  10/4     8:30p

Tue    10/5     5:00p

Tue    10/5     8:30p

Something in the Loss of Leaves

by Don Russell

Fri     10/1     5:30p   

Sat    10/2     8:30p

Sat    10/9     1:00p

Sun   10/10   4:00p (cancelled due to weather)


by Derek Kenney

Fri    10/8   10:00p

Sat   10/9     7:00p

Sun  10/10   2:30p


by Chick Lit

Mon  10/4  5:30p (v)

Walking on Spectrum

by Juliana Heng

Tue  10/5  8:30p (v)


by Saige Cross

Thu   10/7    10:00p   

Fri     10/8      7:00p

Sat    10/9    10:00p

Sun   10/10    5:30p

WORKSHOP: Play-in-Progress Group Feedback

by Sarah Fenner King

Wed  10/6  12:00p

By day:

October 1

5:30p   Something in the Loss of Leaves

7:00p   Alone: In a Crowded Room

8:30p   In Due Time, PANTOMIME

10:00p #txtshow (irl)

October 2

2:30p   Little Red Button

4:00p   ExperiMENTAL

5:30p   In Due Time, PANTOMIME

7:00p   The Role of Other

8:30p   Something in the Loss of Leaves

10:00p The Martin Duprass Tells the Joke from The Future

October 3

1:00p   In Due Time, PANTOMIME

2:30p   Kissing Booth

4:00p   The Role of Other

5:30p   #txtshow (irl)

7:00p   Little Red Button

8:30p   ExperiMENTAL

October 4

5:00p   Small Mouth Sounds

5:30p   Trainwreck (v)

7:00p   The Consciousness (v)

8:30p   Small Mouth Sounds

8:30p   The Princess Strikes Back: One Woman's Search for the Space Cowboy of her Dreams

10:00p Dear Donald / Dear Hillary (v)

October 5

5:00p   Small Mouth Sounds

5:30p   Hat Cart (v)

7:00p   Phrack (v)

8:30p   Small Mouth Sounds

8:30p   Walking on Spectrum (v)

October 6

12:00p WORKSHOP: Play-in-Progress Group Feedback

5:30p   The Role of Other

7:00p   Public Comment

8:30p   Little Red Button

10:00p ExperiMENTAL

October 7

5:30p   Public Comment

7:00p   Kissing Booth

8:30p   The Martin Duprass Tells the Joke from The Future

10:00p Zona

October 8

5:30p   Public Comment

7:00p   Zona

8:30p   ExperiMENTAL

10:00p Stamps

October 9

1:00p   Something in the Loss of Leaves

2:30p   The Role of Other

4:00p   Little Red Button

5:30p   Kissing Booth

7:00p   Stamps

8:30p   #txtshow (irl)

10:00p Zona

October 10

1:00p   Kissing Booth

2:30p   Stamps

4:00p   Something in the Loss of Leaves (cancelled due to weather)

5:30p   Zona (cancelled due to weather)

7:00p   #txtshow (irl) (cancelled due to weather)

8:30p   Public Comment (cancelled due to weather)

(v) = virtual only performance

All times listed are in Central Time.

What is Factory Obscura?

Factory Obscura is an Oklahoma City-based art collective creating immersive experiences that awaken wonder, build community, and make the world better.

Our 2O21 Theatre Crude Fringe Festival was generously hosted by Factory Obscura.


Our 2O21 Venue

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