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Basket Case

by Aversion Productions

Premiered Friday, Oct 2, 2020 at 7p Central

Based on Frank Henenlotter’s 1980’s cult classic Basket Case - a chilling & campy tale of revenge, jealousy & blood. Charming, country bumpkin, Duane Bradley arrives at a rundown New York City motel, possessing only a backpack, basket & mysterious past. Duane meets a cast of eccentric characters, including the sexy & strong-willed Sharon. Through their shared histories of pain & suffering, Duane & Sharon develop a romance. The couple dream of escape and starting a better life. But is their bond thicker than blood... in a sequence of twisted events, our story unfolds with a grim finale when the truth is revealed: “what’s in the basket?”

Aversion Productions is the brainchild of founders, Jared Blount & Kara Luther-Chapman. After a night of merriment, the two constructed the idea of creating a think-tank of artists, friends, and creators - collaborating on unique and exceptional artistic media endeavors. They assembled their avengers of professionals, and Aversion Productions was born.

Kara Luther-Chapman - Executive Director
Jared Blount - Artistic Director
Dakota Muckelwrath - Set Designer
Jon Haque - Actor
Jordan Blount - Actor
Tiffany Tuggle - Actor
Wil Rogers - Actor

Premiere included a Q&A with the artists.

Basket Case Production Image Main.png


Dark Comedy






Simulated Drug Use

Simulated Sex Acts

Adult Language

Simulated Sexual Violence


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