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by Steven Nicholas

Part of the 2021 Festival at Factory Obscura
Sat  10/2   4:00p     Wed  10/6  10:00p
Sun 10/3   8:30p     Fri      10/8    8:30p

Selected as one of the top ten shows of the 2021 Orlando Fringe, and winner of the “Patrons’ Pick,” Orlando Weekly says “You’ll be mesmerized.”


Steven Nicholas promises to get inside your head, find out what you’re thinking, and leave you questioning your reality. ExperiMENTAL features engaging autobiographical moments, incredible feats of memory, a hallucination, and mind reading under the strictest of test conditions. Audience members will discover new abilities and potential they would never have thought possible. Differing choices made by every audience lead the show down a new path every night, making each performance a unique event.

Steven is a Los Angeles based mind reader and performer who aims to inspire audiences by expanding their belief in their own limitless potential and ability to overcome obstacles. He has appeared in numerous national commercials, films, and theatrical productions. In May of 2021, he debuted his first one man show, ExperiMENTAL. Steven hopes to continue to develop his show and to bring audiences positive and uplifting entertainment with a little added mystery.

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Adult Language

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