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by Derek Kenney

Part of 2021 Festival at Factory Obscura
Fri   10/8  10:00p      Sun 10/10 2:30p
Sat  10/9    7:00p

In an alternate version of 1987-1988 American politics, a small town mayor named Donovan Johnson is elected to be the next president of the United States. He is handsome, charming, and charismatic. He also harbors plenty of secrets and has an odd abhorrence of lickable stamps. We follow Donovan's campaign in reverse-chronological order as he attempts to hurdle over scandals, advocate his bizarre platform, and interact with the various women in his life. As his political journey reaches its genesis, one last secret may explain his most unorthodox characteristic.

Derek Kenney is a local writer, director, producer, and actor who serves as the Artistic Director/Production Manager for OKC's historic Jewel Box Theatre. He previously wrote and produced last year's Theatre Crude production of "Jameson & Juice," and he is thrilled to be once again working with such amazing local talent, eager to share all their hard work.

Derek Kenney - Writer, Director, Producer

Chelsea Davis - Actor

Johnathan Jarmon - Actor

Carol McDonald - Stage Manager / Assistant Director

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Adult Language

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