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How It Works:

We take a well known movie or cult classic, break it into five parts and give each part to a different creative team. We ask them to devise an interpretation of that section without the knowledge of what the other teams are doing. All five parts will be brought together and performed in sequence during this one night only event.


Get ready for Twister as you've never experienced it before!

Five Fifths


Monday, July 17, 2023 at 7p

OK Cider Co.

705 W Sheridan Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Donation Suggested

Unconventional Shorts is a platform for artist connection and new script development. Each Unconventional Shorts event will feature different short form performances. Some will involve new work created via prompts provided by Theatre Crude. Some will involve works in progress from emerging local playwrights. Others may involve cabaret style performances from local artists looking to show off and flex their talent in front of a live audience.

Unconventional Shorts is an audience development program. It introduces audiences to never before seen work in a short form and at no upfront cost (the event is available to attend via suggested donation instead of a fixed ticket price) so that they will be less intimidated when we ask them to attend long form new work at our annual Theatre Crude Fringe Festival. 

Unconventional Shorts is a live performance event series that serves as a fundraiser for Theatre Crude.


Previous Shorts

Unconventional. Underground. Unrefined.

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